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Tradition an Innovation Italian Olympic Spirit

di Freccero Renata  edito da Levrotto & Bella sas

Tradition and Innovation - Italian Olympic Spirit has received the Medal Award of the President of the Italian Republic. Italian Olympic Spirit - To Educate to interculture and peace XXI Winter Olympic Games, Vancouver, C.O.N.I. Italian House 2010. She received a letter from the General Secretary of the Italian Republic Presidency in which the Head of State, Giorgio Napolitano, expressed the following words, “The enormous undertaking in carrying out this cultural initiative will lend a hand in stimulating the thoughts of visitors, who come from different countries, on the value of loyalty, solidarity, brotherhood and reciprocal respect giving life to and regulating every sporting competition and in particular that of the Olympic Games. Eastern and Western Communication Signs, XXIX Olympic Games, Beijing C.O.N.I. Italian House 2008 received the High Patronage of the Presidency of the Cabinet.

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